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Gardner® Fibered Roof & Foundation

  • $49.99

Low VOC fibered Asphalt Coating

Gardner® Fibered Roof & Foundation Coating is a liquid applied, fibered, asphalt based coating. It is a low solvent formula, designed to penetrate and seal worn roof surfaces, foundation block walls, above or below grade and other masonry roof surfaces. Coating will weatherproof and help seal and protect surfaces. Can also be used to seal and protect underground wood footings and metal surfaces. Dries black in color.

Product Code: 0405-GA (5 gal) or 0401-GA (1 gal)

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Gardner® Fibered Roof & Foundation
Pack Size# for 1 coat# for 2 coats
Product Code Unit Size
0405-GA 5 gal 42 lbs 1 ea
0401-GA 1 gal 8 lbs 6 /case