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Gardner® Super Clear Quart

Gardner® Super Clear Quart

  • $59.00

Thermoplastic Elastic Sealant

Gardner® SUPER CLEAR is a crystal clear, flexible sealant and adhesive. It is an extremely versatile product and has tremendous adhesion to most building materials. The cured seal is extremely durable, elastic, UV stable and 100% waterproof. Stops water, moisture and air leaks. Use on most projects including roofs, gutters, siding, doors, windows, RV's, HVAC, PVC, fiberglass, masonry and metal. Adheres to wet/damp surfaces and is paintable.

Product Code: 0294-GA

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Gardner® Super Clear Quart
Pack Size# for 1 coat# for 2 coats
Product Code Unit Size
0294-GA 1 qt 2.1 lbs 4 /case
0299-GA 10 fl oz 1 lbs 12 /case