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Gardner® Enduraseal

Gardner® Enduraseal

  • $57.00

Lifetime Roof Repair and Sealant

Gardner® ENDURASEAL is a permanent waterproofing solution for your roof. This moisture cure rubberized sealant has superior flexibility and adhesion to all building materials and roof surfaces. This product is easily applied by brush, and is quick setting even in cool climates. Product is ideal to seal flashings, roof penetrations, skylights, expansion joints, HVAC, roof splits, and damaged areas. It is a FAST, EASY and PERMANENT. Use in new construction, reroofing or repairs to seal leaks for good. 100% waterproof finish lasts and protects even in the most challenging environments. Odor free and solvent free, so is ideal for any “green building project”.

Product Code: 5210-7-96

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Gardner® Enduraseal
Pack Size# for 1 coat# for 2 coats
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5210-7-96 1 gal 2.8 lbs 6 /case