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Gardner® Pro-Seal

  • $54.99

Premium Roof Cement

Gardner® PRO-SEAL™ Premium Roof Cement is a high performance product that is designed for new construction or roof repairs. This versatile product can be used on vertical surfaces, without sagging. This formulation is thicker and heavier than typical roof cements, and lasts 50% longer. Great for use in new construction, or to make repairs in wet or dry conditions. Apply generously with trowel or putty knife, working material to an even consistency over and into the area to be covered. PRO-SEAL™ Premium Cement comes ready to use and should not be altered in any way.

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Gardner® Pro-Seal
Pack Size# for 1 coat# for 2 coats
Product Code Unit Size
7341-GA 1 gal 8.8 lbs 1 ea
7345-GA 5 gal 44 lbs 1 ea