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Energy Efficiency


  • "A cool roof transfers less heat to the building below, so the building stays cooler and uses less energy for air conditioning.”US Environmental Protection Agency
  • "Cool roofing products are made of highly reflective and emissive materials that can remain approximately 50 to 60°F (28-33°C) cooler than traditional materials during peak summer weather.”US Environmental Protection Agency
  • “Our research shows that any improvement to a roof that limits the summertime solar heat gain actually results in energy-cost savings for the building owner, as well as a reduction in the building's overall environmental impact.”Professor Hashem Akbari., Concordia University
  • “Widespread use of cool roofs could reduce the national peak demand for electricity by 6.2 to 7.2 gigawatts (GW),13 or the equivalent of eliminating the need to build 12 to 14 large power plants that have an energy capacity of 500 megawatts each.”Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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With Gardner, energy efficiency is part of our DNA. Gardner roof coatings deliver cost-effective, time-tested solutions for refurbishing the roof, protecting your building and its contents. At the same time, our coatings offer energy efficient solutions without any additional cost.

White roof coatings are a proven way to reduce temperatures by reflecting the sun’s powerful rays back into the atmosphere. Gardner energy efficient coatings deliver high solar reflectivity and thermal emittance which significantly reduce roof temperatures. Lower roof temperatures can lower internal temperatures and reduce cooling needs for a more energy efficient building.



   • Protect your roof
   • Extend roof life
   • Reflect heat and harmful UV rays
   • Save money and lower your cooling costs
   • Practice energy efficiency
   • Minimize carbon footprint
   • Reduce wear on A/C units


    Homeowners and building owners that know the best green solutions have two benefits:

    • They protect the environment by eliminating harmful ingredients
    • They deliver the optimum performance

    That's why Gardner-Gibson developed Green-Seal®, an environmental performance standard that helps you identify products that meet the highest green coating standards, with no compromises in application performance, finish quality and durability.

    Understanding Green-Seal Products

    Products labeled as Green-Seal products are formulated and manufactured to reduce environmental impact, and to meet or exceed the toughest regulatory standards.

    Research and thorough testing over the past decade and partnerships with cutting-edge raw material suppliers have made it possible for Gardner-Gibson to create revolutionary formulas that eliminate fumes, toxins and environmental pollutants in more traditional formulas.

    Protecting people and the environment doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. That's the Green-Seal Promise.

    Green-Seal and the Green-Seal logo are trademarks of Gardner-Gibson, Inc.


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