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Gardner® Sta-Kool® 15YR Turbo-Dri Elastomeric Coating - SK-8015

  • $129.00

Elastomeric Premium White Roof Coating

STA-KOOL® Ultra is a Premium Elastomeric White Roof Coating offering next generation cool roof technology benefits. STA-KOOL® Turbo-Dri Technology allows for more application opportunities, faster recoat and job completion times, and advanced protection against unexpected rain. Innovative Cool-Core Technology uses specialized pigments to repel heat gain, which helps keep interiors cooler and helps save money on cooling costs. The Sta-White finish stays brighter white longer and blocks UV rays, all while protecting and prolonging roof surfaces. This advanced siliconized acrylic delivers maximum protection against the elements, faster and easier applications, and lasting quality you can depend on.

Product Code: SK-8015

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Gardner® Sta-Kool® 15YR Turbo-Dri Elastomeric Coating - SK-8015
Pack Size# for 1 coat# for 2 coats
Product Code Unit Size
SK-8015 5 gal 55 lbs 1 ea