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Leak Stopper® Rubber Flexx Waterproof Tape

  • $61.98

Waterproofing & Seam Tape

Rubber Flexx Waterproofing & Seam Tape is an easy to use “peel and stick” repair material to seal and fix leaks and problem areas. Ideal for use on roofs, gutters, skylights, windows, doors, flashings, walls, foundations and many other surfaces. Seals immediately to stop water and air leaks. This repair tape sticks to metal, wood, fiberglass, plastic, glass, concrete, brick, and rubber roofs. Rubber Flexx Waterproofing & Seam Tape has incredible adhesion and forms a tough and durable repair.  

Product Code: 4602-GA

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Product Code Unit Size
4602-GA 1 Roll 0.9 lbs 12 /case