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Flame Stopper® 5000

Flame Stopper® 5000

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Flexible Intumescent Sealant

This advanced flexible intumescent acrylic latex fire stop sealant “intumesces” or expands when exposed to extreme heat, cutting off the spread of fire in through penetrations. Flame Stopper™ 5000 seals surfaces with or without movement and will not crack or deteriorate where vibrations occur. Apply Flame Stopper™ 5000 in interior and exterior applications to stops the spread of toxic fumes, smoke and fire. Flame Stopper™ 5000 dries to a red flexible seal and can be painted when dry.

Tested to UL 1479/ASTM E 814 standards, Flame Stopper™ 5000 meets the criteria for fire, smoke, and draftstop requirements as defined in all major building codes. Consult specific UL® Fire Resistance Directory system drawings for “F” and “T” ratings and uses. Use on horizontal and vertical joints, “through penetrations” in floors and walls, drywall, insulation, concrete joints and HVAC systems. Flame Stopper™ 5000 also seals around all wire cables, PVC pipe, plumbing fixtures and other exposed materials.

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Flame Stopper® 5000
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