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Gardner® Fiber Coat+

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Premium Asphalt Coating

Gardner® Fiber Coat+ is a premium rubberized asphalt coating for renewing worn out roofs and foundations. This unique blend of asphalt and rubber provides great strength and flexibility for lasting protection to roofs, masonry surfaces and metal. Fiber reinforced coating will bridge small cracks to provide a crack resistant layer of protection. Ideal to use as a base coat before applying reflective roof coatings. For exterior foundations, Fiber Coat+ dampproofs and preserves below grade surfaces including masonry, wood and metal. Can be used on a variety of surfaces and is low odor and water cleanup.

Product Code: 0185-GA (5 gal) or 0181-GA (1 gal)

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Gardner® Fiber Coat+
Pack Size# for 1 coat# for 2 coats
Product Code Unit Size
0185-GA 5 gal 47 lbs 1 ea
0181-GA 1 gal 9 lbs 6 /case