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Gardner® 100% Silicone Flat Roof Coat-N-Seal - SK-8245

  • $129.00

Gardner® 100% Silicone Flat Roof Coat-N-Seal is formulated specifically to restore and waterproof worn roof surfaces. Ideal for commercial or residential flat or low slope roof surfaces. Great choice for built up roofs, concrete roofs, parapet walls, foam, RV's, rubber, mobile homes, EPDM and TPO roofs. Easy and fast to apply, plus delivers superior waterproofing protection that will provide a permanent seal for the life of the roof. The rubberized finish expands and contracts to resist cracking, and reduces thermal shock. UV inhibitors reflect and keep surfaces cooler which allow the roof to ultimately last longer. This fast set moisture-cure product, delivers superior waterproofing and sealing, and is well suited to be used in hot or cold climates. 


Product Code: SK-8245

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Gardner® 100% Silicone Flat Roof Coat-N-Seal - SK-8245
Pack Size# for 1 coat# for 2 coats
Product Code Unit Size
SK-8245 4.75 gal 52 lbs 1 ea