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Gardner® Gard-Lock

Gardner® Gard-Lock

  • $34.99

Mineral Surface Leak Protection for use Under Shingle Roofs.

Gardner® Gard-Lock is a self-adhered underlayment for asphalt shingles, wood shakes, slate and tile roofs. It is designed to seal and protect the roof surface, while also preventing leaks caused by ice damming and wind driven rain. This premium asphalt membrane is reinforced with fiberglass for superior stability and strength. This mineral surface, non-skid finish provides a safe walking surface, while “peel and stick” technology allows for easy installation. Gard-Lock is specifically designed with adhesion promoters to provide better adhesion over a variety of temperature ranges. Apply to all roof areas that are prone to leaks.

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Product Code Unit Size
GG-4100-15 1 Roll 50 lbs 30/pallet