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Gardner® Wet-R-Dri

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All Season Roof Patch

Gardner® WET-R-DRI® All-Season Roof Patch is an all weather, asphalt based patching compound designed to repair cracks, seams and holes in roofing materials. It also works great in new construction and in setting flashings, drip edges and roofing material edges. It seals damaged areas and gives a layer of waterproof protection. Use on roofs around skylights, vents, exhaust pipes, chimneys, valleys, and in the construction or repair of flashings, roll roofing and shingles. Also excellent for use as a heavy duty below grade and underground waterproofer, and dampproofer.

Product Code: 

0375-GA (5 gal) or 0371-GA (1 gal)

Also available in a 10 fl oz tube.

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Gardner® Wet-R-Dri
Pack Size# for 1 coat# for 2 coats
Product Code Unit Size
0375-GA 5 gal 55 lbs 1 ea
0371-GA 1 gal 9 lbs 6 /case
0379-GA 10 fl oz 1 lb 12 /crtn