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Black Jack® Permanent Patch 101

  • $34.99

Trowel Grade Elastomeric Smooth Patch & Caulking Compound

Black Jack® Permanent Patch® 101 is a smooth, ready-to-use, brush or trowel-on terpolymer vinyl material for exterior or interior patching and caulking. As a heavy-bodied elastomeric patch, Black Jack® 101 repairs stucco, wood, concrete, drywall, brick and other surfaces. Permanent Patch® 101 is water resistant and offers outstanding ­flexibility, adhesion and durability for repairing, sealing and resurfacing.
Paintable and easy to use, Black Jack® 101 is perfect for professional use and home repairs.

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Black Jack® Permanent Patch 101
Pack Size# for 1 coat# for 2 coats
Product Code Unit Size
8811-3-20 1 gal 13 lbs 4 /crtn
8811-3-16 10 fl oz 1.2 lbs 12 /crtn