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STA-KOOL® White Flash

  • $31.89

Pro White Roof Cement

Gardner® WHITE FLASH Pro White Roof Cement is a heavy duty and highly flexible roof patching repair. WHITE FLASH is reinforced with synthetic fibers to deliver a durable and lasting repair. It is ideal to repair cracks and holes on a variety of roof surfaces. Perfect for use in hot climates as it does not sag in the high heat, and contains UV inhibitors for improved solar protection. Can also be used to seal metal seams, vertical walls and HVAC ductwork. Compatible with all white roof coatings.

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STA-KOOL® White Flash
Pack Size# for 1 coat# for 2 coats
Product Code Unit Size
SK-4401 1 gal 10.07 lbs 4 /crtn
SK-4403 3.5 gal 30.2 lbs 1 ea.